Over 8 years of athletic coaching, Specializing in weight training and muscle development, One on one and group training coach, Strength and conditioning, Sport specific training, Body building specific

Over 8 Years of Athletic Coaching

Personal Trainer


“I have been passionately involved in sports since I was 3-years-old. I love athletics. I love what the human mind and body can achieve. I started playing Soccer when I was three and continued to the age of 13. When I entered grade 8 I found my love for Basketball. It became my life and it was all I wanted to do. With a potential scholarship on the horizon, an unfortunate ACL tear ended my dreams of playing Basketball at a higher level. During the time of rehabilitation on my knee, I found solace in the weight room. Fast forward 20-years and I have had the opportunity to help many people reach their goals in all aspects. Weight loss, body sculpting, sport specific, etc. Along the way I have achieved some of my own goals. Pursuing Bodybuilding for 5-years, I was fortunate enough to place 2nd in 2009 at the Sandra Wickham, 1st in 2010 at the B.C. provincials, and then two more 2nd place finishes in 2012.
I love working with people that have all types of athletic goals. From Golf to Bodybuilding. Conditioning to endurance. The one thing I ask is, come with passion, come with focus. Believe in yourself no matter what you goal is. I will make sure that you accomplish that dream.

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