Amar Dosanjh

-Bcrpa certified Personal Trainer and Group Trainer, Sports specific training specialist, Advanced weight lifting, Fat loss, and Nutrition coach, Strength and conditioning expert

Advanced Weight Lifting

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Exercise and sports was in my family from the very beginning. As a 5 year old kid I can remember sweat on wrestling mats and men wearing tight funny suits rolling around and pinning each other. Wasn’t long before I was working out on those same exact mats.
I started to lift weights and compete in wrestling and in the beautiful Indian sport of Kabaddi. At the age of 17 I was competing with full grown men in the open Heavy weight division. At age 18 I set the western Canadian Powerlifting record for the 19 and under in Williams Lake BC. I deadlifted 405lb, Squatted 500lb, and Bench pressed 350lbs. These scores gave me an invitation to the North American Championship in Las Vegas. The following week I was involved in a car crash that killed my best Friend and left me injured. I never made it to Vegas.
After the accident my life took a turn for the worst. I was mentally, physically and emotionally damaged. After a few years of suffering bumps and bruises I was able to gather myself up and get back to doing what I knew best. I trained my butt off and went to school to learn more about nutrition and exercise. I then spent 5 years training people with the tools I had acquired through life and through numerous coaches and through school. I have been privileged to have trained very motivated and determined individuals and together we have dropped 100s of pounds of body fat. I have multiple transformations with over 100lb weight loss each. I use scientific proven calculations accompanied with customized exercise programs to shred body fat at a rapid pace.
I had a vision to create a place where Nutrition and Exercise would compliment each other under the same roof. I therefore started taking steps to setup HOG. The Team that Built the Dream was finally created. Here we are, grateful and proud to call HOG home.
Today I use Discipline as my biggest tool to help others to stay on track and achieve all of their wildest dreams. Whether the goal is to have a great body, or to have a great healthy positive life, I can show you how to get there and stay there for good.

“The body will only go as far as the mind will take it”

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